Hats and Bags-"Fairtrade"

Hats and Bags-"Fairtrade"

wholesale Fairtrade Hats and Bags. Please See Fairtrade At The Top Of The Page For More Details.


Bag D1000

Beaded shoulder bag Bag D1000Bag D1000

Beaded should bag in mix colours sold in packs of 2 at 3.50 each

Bag D1169

mirror bead bag Bag D1169Bag D1169

Mirror bead bags with bamboo handles in 4 colours £5.25. Pink, Lilac, Cream and Turquoise.

Bag D1597

Small Shoulder Bag Bag D1597Bag D1597

2 Colour Small Fabric Shoulder Bag With Tassle Decoration 18cm x 23cm + Shoulder Strap In Blue/Black, Brown/Red, Pink And Turquoise/Blue £2.95 In Singles

Bag D251

Passport bag Bag D251Bag D251

Sarong material passport bag in pink,purple,turquoise and blue wholesale price £1.15 each sold in packs of 6

Bag D694

Rainbow bag Bag D694Bag D694

Round rainbow crochet bag. Wholesale price £3.85 each in singles.

Bag D695

Rainbow bag Bag D695Bag D695

Rainbow crochet shoulder square bag. Wholesale price £3.85 in singles

Bag D865

Shell motif bag Bag D865Bag D865

Shell motif bag with rattan handles sold in packs of 2 at 5.50 each

Bag D999

Plain shoulder bag Bag D999Bag D999

Plain shoulder bag in mix colours sold in packs of 2 at 3.50 each

Bags beaded D693

Beaded surf bags Bags beaded D693Bags beaded D693

Surf design fabric bags decorated with beads and bamboo handles. Ideal for the beach. Wholesale price £2.25 each in packs of 2.

Hat D236

White crochet hat Hat D236Hat D236

White or black crochet hat with rose. wholesale price £2.10 each in a pack of 2.

Hat D832

Tonal stripe hat Hat D832Hat D832

Tonal stripe hat pink/turq/purple 1.85 in packs of 3

Hat D861

Crochet hat with shells Hat D861Hat D861

Crochet hat in block colours with shells 2.50 each in pack of 3