Wristband tubes

Clearance one-off wristband tubes


Wristband Tube / Loose D1810

shark tooth wristband Wristband Tube / Loose D1810Wristband Tube / Loose D1810

Brown, black and cream wristbands with large acrylic shark tooth. Wholesale price 35p each NOW REDUCED TO 28p EACH on tube of 50. Or sold loose 40p each in packs of 10 NOW REDUCED TO 33p EACH

Wristband Tube D1784

Tube Of Cotton & Shell Flower Wristbands Wristband Tube D1784Wristband Tube D1784

Tube Of 30 Coloured Cotton & Natural Shell Flower Wristbands Wholesale Price Was 60p Per Wristband NOW REDUCED TO 30p PER WRISTBAND = £9.00 A TUBE

Wristband Tube D1808

Pink/red wristbands Wristband Tube D1808Wristband Tube D1808

woven pink/red cotton wristbands. wholesale price tube of 50 pieces @ 35p each. NOW REDUCED TO 28p EACH= £14.00 A TUBE

Wristband Tube/Loose DCB175

flower wristband Wristband Tube/Loose DCB175Wristband Tube/Loose DCB175

Bright hibiscus flower wristband on girl charm cord. Wholesale price 45p each on a tube of 45 pieces. NOW REDUCED TO 39p EACH=£17.55 A TUBE Or sold loose in packs of 6 at 44p each