The fairtrade jewellery and handicrafts bought from Indonesia are all village produced. One village will tend to specialize in a certain craft. eg. some concentrate on silver, others beadwork, other wood carving and bamboo wind chimes. We ensure that we pay the market price for goods and they are produced by families in the villages.

"Fairtrade" Bracelets "Fairtrade" Bracelets Fairtrade directly imported range of fashion bracelets.
"Fairtrade" Necklaces "Fairtrade" Necklaces Necklaces imported from Indonesia please see fairtrade on the top categories for more information on this.
Clearance "Fairtrade" Clearance "Fairtrade" Reduced Fairtrade Necklaces And Bracelets
Handicrafts-"Fairtrade" Handicrafts-"Fairtrade" VW cars,Surfboards,Mobiles,Fans, Jewellery Boxes And Birdwhistles
Hats and Bags-"Fairtrade" Hats and Bags-"Fairtrade" wholesale Fairtrade Hats and Bags. Please See Fairtrade At The Top Of The Page For More Details.
Rings-"Fairtrade" Rings-"Fairtrade" Assorted Bead/Wood/Shell Fairtrade Rings