Fairtrade Jewellery Importers

We have traded with Indonesia for over 12 years and have always strived to trade ethically and pay the market price for goods.

The fairtrade jewellery and handicrafts bought from Indonesia are all village produced.

One village will tend to specialize in a certain craft. eg. some concentrate on silver, others beadwork, other wood carving and bamboo wind chimes.

We ensure that we pay the market price for goods and they are produced by families in the villages.
We supply wholesale dreamcatchers made in natural feathers, coloured nylon with matching feathers, some with silver threads and coloured beads. The villagers produce new designs to add to their range including little mirrors etc.

The children all go to school (very early), usually finishing by 12 o clock due to the heat.

We have traded with the same families for 12 years

All items with D before its code are fairly traded products.

All other items come from many other countries and though they are produced by agreed standards we personally have not inspected every factory but feel confident that standards are adhered to.